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Abstract submission rules and guidelines

Abstracts can be submitted via the online Abstract Submission Services only.
Abstracts sent by fax or email will not be accepted.

Submitting an abstract does not replace the congress registration.
The registration is exclusively effected online through the congress’ website.

Abstract structure

The body of the abstract should be organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

All abstracts must be submitted in English. The title of the abstract must be supplied in English and German.

Abstracts for marketing purpose only and company profile will be excluded. Accepted posters/presentation may  not be presented by employees of industrial firms.

The abstract text is limited to 2500 characters. The 2500 character limit includes punctuation and spacing. When inserting figures and tables the text should be reduced accordingly. The number of figures and tables is limited to 3 each. Each figure represents 300 characters. The maximum size of the table is 10 columns and 10 rows, each table row represents 50 characters. Figures should be in high resolution jpg, tif, eps or png format.

Publication of abstracts

All accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract supplement of „Oncology Research and Treatment", S. Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers.

Changes and corrections

To continue your work at another time you can log off at any time without submitting your abstract until abstract submission has closed. As long as you do not submit the abstract, it can be edited and revised online as many times as needed. Once submitted, it is not possible to make any corrections to the abstract content or information.

Conflict of interest

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed only if the Congress Programme Committee has been informed about potential conflicts of interest.
Moreover the Congress Programme Committee requests all presenters of accepted abstracts to display a slide at the beginning of their presentation (at the bottom of the poster for poster presentations) indicating disclosure information for themselves and all coauthors as applicable, or that they have nothing to disclose. Please state "None" if no conflicts exist.
You will be requested to provide details on the following aspects:

  • Employment or Leadership Position
  • Advisory Role or Expert Testimony
  • Stock Ownership
  • Patent, Copyright, Licensing
  • Honoraria
  • Financing of Scientific Research
  • Other Financial Relationships
  • Immaterial  Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

No Show Policy

Please notify the organizer as early as possible if your presentation will not be made. If a scheduled presenter fails to appear in person or to send a replacement, and does not cancel the poster or slide presentation before the meeting, that presenter will be barred from having an abstract accepted in the next Annual Meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Associations for Hematology and Medical Oncology. Notification must be sent in written form via e-mail () or fax (+49 30 27876089-18).


After the submission the copyright of the abtract will be transfered to the DGHO, ÖGHO, SGH, SGMO. All rights remain with the associations mentioned before. The associations reserve the right to make publications, e.g. on the internet or other printed materials.
Taking photographs of presentations, posters or the like is not allowed.


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